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Custom Lens

We know it can be hard and expensive to custom order a new lens for your fixture. That's why, we offer our custom cut service. We cut lens on the same day in our store, eliminating the time you waste at other stores waiting for processing and shipping. If you stop by or give us a call, we can assist you in creating a wraparound lens for your fixture. What we do is cut a flat sheet to match your requested dimensions and pair it with our selection of side rails to give the lens a nice snug fit.

Flat Sheets: We stock flat sheets in the standard acrylic P12 (.125, 1/4") design and the smooth white acrylic.

Looking for a quote for your lens or want to order ? Give us a call at 1-844-357-8897 or Please fill out the form and follow the instructions below.

  1. Please trace your lens as pictured and email or fax it.
  2. Put the numbers of lens you need in the QTY box.
  3. Choose the type of color you need. Clear or White.
  4. Use the picture below to match side lengths with its corresponding letter and fill out A-E in the form.
  5. If you just want flat sheets just fill out width (A) and length (E) and put zeros in the rest of the measurements (B,C, and D).