LED Flood Light Fixtures

LED Flood Light Fixtures

LED Flood Fixtures

Flood lights are highly versatile light fixtures that have been used across many aspects of the industry. You can find these fixtures on the outside of many homes lighting up yards or driveways for security or on the outside of commercial buildings lighting up lots, walkways, and walls. Why should you consider upgrading your flood lights to LED? Firstly, LED technology makes these fixtures extremely energy efficient and long-lasting. In addition to this, LED fixtures offer the unique ability to change light colors giving you the option to choose a less warm light than the traditional incandescent / halogen’s flood lights you are used to. So called cool white and daylight options match the light of during the day when the sun is out making it easier to discern objects at night.

Dusk-to-Dawn Fixtures (Integrated Photocontrol)

A large portion of the LED floodlights that we offer have integrated photocontrols. This means that the internal electrical circuit is controlled by the presence (or absence) of sunlight and NOT a switch (although these fixtures can still be switched if desired). When the sun goes down at dusk and the brightness level around the fixtures reaches a certain point, the photocontrol stops inhibiting incoming power and the fixture turns on. Likewise, when the sun rises in the morning the photocontrol becomes activated and turns off the power inside the fixture. This dusk-to-dawn functionality makes these fixtures hands-off and saves you money! Importantly, not everyone wants this functionality so most manufacturers have included optional switches on the fixture to turn the photocontrol off giving you full control over when the fixture is on or off.

Non Dusk-to-Dawn Fixtures (External Photocontrol)

We offer standalone photocontrols for those who already have an existing flood light and for those who want to have their photocontrol installed elsewhere on their circuit. There are some advantages to this, depending on the fixture and brand you might be able to save some money by not having each fixture include its own photocontrol. Also, your setup of multiple flood lights might mean that some are more exposed to the sun than others, and thus, will turn on or off in a non-synchronous manner. Having one photocontrol control your entire circuit would eliminate this issue.