LED Area Light Fixtures

LED Area Light Fixtures

LED Area Light Fixtures

LED area lights are some of the best energy-saving LED solutions out there. Not only do these LED area lights use significantly less power than the metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures they replace, but they last much longer to reduce the cost of maintenance. Additionally, LED products produce much more consistent light color and lumen output than old high intensity discharge (HID) technology. Some fixtures offer color and power changing capabilities and are compatible with photocontrols and motion sensors for fixture level control. If you need help choosing which area light is right for you, give our sales team a call at 1-844-357-8897 or send us over an email at sales@CityLightsUSA.com!

Light Distribution

Light distribution refers to the way the light is projected (distributed) from the LED chips through the fixture's optics. The required or desired distribution of light is not the same for every application. This makes the distribution type an important consideration. There are three main types for area light fixtures:

  • Type III provided a wide and rounded outward light projection
  • Type IV have a preferred lateral width of 60 degrees
  • Type V  produce a central circular and uniform pattern



Area lights come with mount accessories that allow you to install the fixture to your own need.

  • Slipfitters fit 2-3/8" mounting brackets and tenons
  • Pole mounts can be mounted directly to square and round poles
  • Trunnion, Yoke or Bracket mounts mount to any flat surface



Photocells give fixtures dusk-to-dawn functionality. This means that the fixture will only draw power from the circuit when the ambient light around the fixture is below a certain threshold. Adding a photocell gives you fixture level control versus relying on a circuit timer. For area light fixtures, the photocontrols twist-lock into compatible NEMA receptables. However, not every fixture comes with these receptables pre-installed. It is extremely important to view the product page carefully to see if the addition of a receptable is needed.