Commercial Lighting Fixtures

LED Area Lights

LED area lights are some of the best energy-saving LED solutions out there. Not only do these LED area lights use significantly less power than the metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures they replace, but they last much longer to reduce the cost of maintenance. Additionally, LED products produce much more consistent light color and lumen output than old high intensity discharge (HID) technology. Some fixtures offer color and power changing capabilities and are compatible with photocontrols and motion sensors for fixture level control.

LED Wall Packs

The most popular outdoor lighting fixture has become even more popular after its upgrade to LED technology. Our LED wall pack fixtures offer the same look and feel as traditional wall packs that you love. They retain the same housing design and size as well as glass lens to prevent yellowing, but the introduction of LED technology has made these fixtures extremely energy efficient and long-lasting. Some of our fixtures include integrated photocontrols and light color changing switches for added flexibility.

LED Flood Lights

Increase the quality of your outdoor lighting by switching your old flood lights to some of our LED flood fixtures. Our flood lights are perfect for wall washing, monument sign lighting or general flood lighting of commercial and residential properties.

LED High Bay Fixtures

Our LED high and low bay lighting fixtures are great for turning your warehouse from dark and gloomy to bright and radiant. Keeping your warehouse running efficiently requires it to be well lit with low-maintenance and consistently reliable LED bay lighting fixtures. We offer the round “UFO” styles with easy hook-mounting options and traditional linear styles with pendant and chain mounting. Some fixtures are compatible with motion and daylight sensors for increased energy savings.

LED Panel and Troffer Lights

LED light panel fixtures are excellent fixtures for office, retail and education spaces. These fixtures are very lightweight and easy to install. Traditionally they lay within T-grid ceilings, but can be adapted with surface, ceiling or pendant mounting for extra design flexibility. Our LED panels come in 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 sizing options in a wide range of color temperatures. Most are 0-10V dimmable and DLC listed. We also carry LED troffer fixtures for those of you that prefer a more traditional recessed look.

LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

Our LED vapor tight fixtures are excellent replacements for your high-maintenance fluorescent vapor tights that you have in your garages, stairwell, and walk-in coolers. Not only are these LED vapor fixtures bright, but they last much longer! This longevity all but removes the risk of breaking the hard-to-find and expensive vapor tight lens every time you need to service the fluorescent tube and ballast.

LED Canopy Fixtures

We carry LED canopy fixtures perfect for breezeways, garages, underpasses, and general outdoor wet locations. When looking to upgrade your canopy fixture from metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) it can be difficult fitting a retrofit LED light bulb inside the fixture. We recommend replacing the entire fixture itself so you can benefit from the lower energy cost and a warranty while avoiding costly replacement lenses.

Security Lighting

When lighting up your property it is essential that your security lighting is done right. Our collection of LED security lights can get the job done! We offer standard two-head bullet flood fixtures that can be controlled remotely by a motion sensor, switch or photocell, but for simplicity we have some security lights with everything integrated. Just wiring it up to an electrical box and you are good to go.

Landscape Lights

Proper use of landscape lights can completely change the aesthetic of your setting whether it is residential, hospitality, or commercial. Browse through our selection of LED flood and spotlights to wall wash, illuminate trees and bushes or flags. We also have LED pathway lights and LED bollards perfect for lighting up walkways, building perimeters, and parks. Lastly, we have LED step lights to accent and reduce the hazard of your stairs and steps at night.

LED Downlights

We stock dozens of LED downlight fixtures in multiple styles across many brands. Choose traditional ‘can light’ retrofits that snap easily and securely within existing ‘can’ fixtures or the slim / thin / wafer LED downlights that clip directly onto drywall. We also have commercial rated LED downlights that have 120-277V ratings and come with flexible conduit pre-installed. We also sell flush mount down lights that fit right into a ceiling j-box.

Under Cabinet Lights

Replacing fluorescent bulbs in undercabinet lights is becoming more difficult as the years pass. The bulbs are being phased out and the ballasts and starters are increasingly difficult to find and expensive. Luckily, we have the perfect solution with our LED undercabinet lights. Our light fixtures are energy efficient, have long-life ratings, and are simple to install.

Strip Lights

Our selection of strip light fixtures are great for general lighting in garages and warehouses and can be used for task lighting situations. Find strip light fixtures with integrated LED lights for maximum simplicity or ‘lamp-ready’ fixtures for maximum flexibility.

Wraparound Fixtures

Wraparound fixtures are surface-mounted lights designed to deliver general purpose lighting whether it be for offices, retail or school locations. LED wraparounds are a great choice for those who have grown tired of the maintenance costs associated with maintaining fluorescent lamps, ballasts, and broken / yellowing wraparound lenses. However, for those that prefer the flexibility of installing their own lamps, we stock ‘lamp-ready’ wrap fixtures too.