LED Canopy & Garage Fixtures

LED Canopy & Garage Fixtures

Canopy Light Fixtures

Canopy light fixtures are mainly seen in parking garages, underpasses, breezeways, and in most outdoor wet locations. Traditionally, canopy lights were restricted to large profile fixtures due to the larger size of high intensity discharge (HID) lamps used and the space needed for its respective ballast. This is no longer the standard since the advent of LED technology. LED canopy fixtures offer superior energy efficiency, equivalent light output, and a much slimmer modern design than metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) canopy lights. Replacing your canopy light fixtures is not a difficult task either. Most LED canopy fixtures bolt into the same electrical box for mounting or can be fed through standard ½” electrical conduit. If you need help choose which canopy light is right for you, give our sales team a call at 1-844-357-8897 or send us over an email at sales@CityLightsUSA.com!

Types of Canopy Lights

Different types of canopy lights are designed for specific applications, and their wattage, brightness, and features can vary accordingly.

  • General Purpose canopy lights are typically lower in wattage and suitable for small commercial spaces, walkways, breezeways, and some residential applications.
  • Garage canopy lights are higher in wattage compared to general purpose canopies due to the need to offer higher brightness for drivers in parking garages and underground lots.
  • Gas station canopy lights are some of the brightest canopy fixtures out there. These lights are made specifically to longevity, exposure to weather, and to provide exceptional lighting throughout the night.

Advantages of LED Canopy Lights

LED products in general have significant advantages over traditional equivalents such as lower heat generation, reduced power consumption, and substantially longer life ratings. However, LED canopy lights have some unique advantages of their own. Such as:

  • Color changing technology that allows you to adjust the color temperature (CCT) to best fit the aesthetic of the installation location as well as your customer's requests.
  • Most models are compatible with 0-10 volt dimming standards to increase the flexibility of your lighting design.
  • Easy electrical box mounting and fits ½” conduit.
  • Slimmer fixture profiles.
  • Tamper-resistance lens.
  • and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are LED Canopy Lights?

LED Canopy Lights are versatile and can be used in various outdoor settings including commercial entryways, exterior canopies, hallways, stairways, parking garages, drive throughs, and perimeter lighting. They are also commonly used in security lighting.

How do LED Canopy Lights differ from traditional lighting?

LED Canopy Lights are more energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan, and offer better light quality compared to traditional lighting options. They are also more durable and can withstand outdoor conditions better.

Are LED Canopy Lights weather-resistant?

Yes, most LED Canopy Lights are either damp or wet location listed, meaning they can withstand various weather conditions. "Wet location" listed lights can even withstand direct contact with water. However, canopy fixtures are not meant to be constantly exposed to water. They need to be installed in a covering ceiling.

How are LED Canopy Lights installed?

Installation usually involves drilling through the back of the fixture and securing it to the mounting surface using appropriate hardware. Wiring is then routed through the fixture and connected to the incoming power and ground.