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Which LED sign light replaces my fluorescent light?

Fluorescent light bulbs used in most sign lighting applications are of the high-output, or HO, variety. These lamps have HO endcaps called recessed double contact (R17d) that fit within HO or VHO lampholders. These lampholders should contain a gasket to prevent intrusion of water to the electrical contact points. Examples or replacements of these sockets can be found on our website.

The nomenclature of these high-output fluorescent sign lamps are like that of other standard fluorescent tube lights but with a key difference. The first set of numbers denote the nominal length of the lamp, the second the size of the lamp, and the following letters (or numbers) for the light color.

IMPORTANT: The nominal length of the light is NOT the true length. For instance, and F120T12 is not 120 inches but slightly shorter at 117 inches. This is often a source of confusion when a customer will buy an F117T12 equivalent LED because they ordered nominal length lamped based off real measurements. ALWAYS match the product model on the fluorescent sign lamp to what the listing says the LED is an equivalent to. If you are unsure, please contact us!

Operation Type – Ballast Bypass Only

Fluorescent sign lights are powered by large magnetic or electronic sign ballasts. These ballasts carry a rating that tells the installer the quantity of lamps it can power and the total length restriction of combined lamps. For example, an Allason EESB-0250-16L-120-277 can power (1) to (6) lamps with a minimum 2 ft. in combined length and a maximum of 50 ft. This layer of complexity is ignored with LED sign lamps. All LED sign lamps offered by us are UL Type B ballast bypass.

Type B lights work directly off line voltage – typically 120V to 277V – because they have an internal LED driver that performs the role of the ballast. With Type B lamps you will need to do some re-wiring of the fixture. Please refer to installation instructions or reference videos on how to install these lamps.