IDEAL 35-9104 | 7-Piece Insulated Nut Driver Set

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The Ideal insulated tool line creates a perfect blend of safety, comfort and precision functionality. Each tool features double insulated Santoprene® handles with soft, easy-to-grip outer surface. In addition to ergonomic qualities found in our tools, the insulated coating process acts as an ‘at-a-glance’ safety check. If orange outer coating reveals any of the inner yellow surface, an electrician will know that this tool needs to be replaced.

Key Features

  • Individually tested and VDE certified to 1000V AC (1500V DC)
  • Meets ASTMF1505-01, EN, DIN, and IEC 60 900 test standards
  • Ergonomic cushioned grips reduce muscle fatigue and provide 40% more torque than conventional handles
  • Molded on insulation provides permanent bonding
  • Nut Drivers are precision formed for heavy-duty work
  • Tempered blades finished with black oxide and super hardened for maximum quality

Set Includes

  • Insulated Nut Driver, 3/16" x 5" (IDEAL# 35-9290)
  • Insulated Nut Driver, 1/4" x 5" (IDEAL# 35-9291)
  • Insulated Nut Driver, 5/16" x 5" (IDEAL# 35-9292)
  • Insulated Nut Driver, 3/8" x 5" (IDEAL# 35-9294)
  • Insulated Nut Driver, 7/16" x 5" (IDEAL# 35-9295)
  • Insulated Nut Driver, 1/2" x 5" (IDEAL# 35-9296)
  • Insulated Nut Driver, 9/16" x 5" (IDEAL# 35-9297)
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