High Voltage - LED Corn Cobs

High Voltage - LED Corn Cobs

LED Corn Cob Lights

LED corn cob lights are great options when retrofitting all types of metal halide (MH) or high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures. Corn cobs are versatile in their application due to their omni-directional light output. However, for high bay applications it is highly recommended you utilize a high-bay retrofit light due to the optimized downward light distributions. All LED corn cobs offered by us require that you bypass your magnetic and electronic ballasts! If you do not bypass your ballast, you will damage the bulb. These LED corn cobs run off of 480V high voltage and not the typical 120-277V.

Corn Cob Lamp Bases

LED corn cob lights come in two different base types: medium and mogul. Medium base recognized by its code E26 denoting its Edison (E) base with a diameter of 26 millimeters. Mogul bases (E39) are roughly 50% larger at 39 millimeters. Typically, the higher wattage metal halides and sodium lamps (HID) come with mogul bases and smaller wattages have medium bases. However, some smaller bulbs can have mogul bases. Make sure when purchasing an LED corn cob to retrofit your fixture that the bases match or else they won't fit within the socket.

  • E26 - Medium Base - Edison 26mm
  • E39 - Mogul Base - Edison 39mm
  • EX39 - Mogul Extended Base - Edison 39mm

Field Selectable / Tunable Lights

Most of the newer generation of corn cob LED lights have the adjustable power and color temperature settings so-called: field-selectable, field-adjustable, tunable...etc. This means that each bulb can have its brightness and light color adjustable before they are installed giving you enormous flexibility in your application's light design.

Color Temperatures

Color temperature (CCT) is defined by the Kelvin rating at which a black box radiation emits a specific color of light. Lower Kevin ratings have warmer (orangish) colors and higher temperatures have cooler (white / blueish) colors. Typically, LED corn cobs have two options to choose from:

      • 3000K - Warm White / Soft White
      • 4000K - Cool White / Neutral White
      • 5000K - Day Light

Power Settings

LED corn cobs are NOT dimmable lights. You cannot dim them with 120V line dimmers nor is there a way to dim them with the 0-10V dimming standard. To bypass this issue, new generation corn cobs have switches that adjust the power (wattage) setting of each individual light. This in essence gives you the ability to 'dim' the bulb.